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Table of contents

  1. State variables
  2. Patient outcomes
  3. Biological features
    1. Categorical and Boolean features
      1. Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing
    2. Numerical features

Below we outline the different patient features that are tracked by OpenKPD, and how they will be reported in output CSV files.

State variables

The following logged variables pertain to the state of the pool at the time of exit.

State VariableDescription
IDthe patient-donor pair’s numerical ID in the pool
MR_NUMthe age of the pool when the patient outcome was logged. If running a sample simulation, this is the number of iterations after starting the sample simulation – not the number of iterations since the oriignal batch simulation
NUM_PAIRSthe number of patient-donor pairs in the pool at the time of entry
NUM_ALTSthe number of altruists in the pool at the time of entry

Patient outcomes

The following logged variables are key patient outcomes corresponding to the manner in which the patient exited the pool

Outcome VariableDescription
OUTCOMEreturns whether the patient was MATCHED or if the patient EXPIRED prior to a match outcome. In sample simulation, there is a further outcome TIMEOUT that occurs when the number of elapsed iterations surpasses the TIMEOUT variable set in the configuration file.
ITERATIONSthe number of iterations that the patient spent in the pool prior to exit
LKDPIthis variable measures the quality of a match outcome, and is computed using the formula for the Living Kidney Donor Profile Index. If there is no match outcome, this field is null.

Biological features

The following logged variables describe biological features pertaining to the patient, paired donor, and matched donor (should one exist). All features corresponding to the matched donor are null if the patient exits the pool without being matched.

Categorical and Boolean features

Categorical VariableDescription
ABO_CAND/DON/MATCHblood type of patient/paired donor/matched donor
AFRICAN_AMERICAN_DON/MATCHtrue iff paired donor/matched donor is African American
HCU_DON/MATCHpaired donor/matched donor history of cigarette use
SEX_CAND/DON/MATCHsex of candidate/paired donor/matched donor – a value of true denotes male

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing

These features correspond to the antigen types present within the patient. HLA mismatches increase the likelihood of graft rejection.

Antigen VariableDescription
C/D/MA1 and C/D/MA2HLA-A antigens for patient/paired donor/matched donor
C/D/MB1 and C/D/MB2HLA-B antigenns for patient/paired donor/matched donor
C/D/MDR1 and C/D/MDR2HLA-DR antigenns for patient/paired donor/matched donor

Numerical features

Numerical VariableDescription
AGE_AT_ADD_CAND/DON/MATCHage of patient/paired donor/matched donor when added to pool
BMI_DON/MATCHBody Mass Index of paired donor/matched donor
BP_SYSTOLIC_DON/MATCHsystolic blood pressure of paired donor/matched donor
EGFR_DON/MATCHestimated glomerular filtration rate for paired donor/matched donor
CPRA_AT_MATCH_RUNpatient sensitivity (also known as Calculated Panel of Reactive Antibodies) – ranges from 0 to 100 with 100 being most sensitive (least receptive to donor graft)
WEIGHT_CAND/DON/MATCHweight of the patient/paired donor/matched donor in pounds